Automating GIS processes with graphical modeler in QGIS

Automating GIS processes with graphical modeler in QGIS

Learn with us to make your GIS-processes fluent.

Stop wasting your time clicking away with QGIS and learn to automate processes in QGIS in an online course where you'll: 

  • Learn remotely but you can reach out to GispoLearning coaches when needed.  
  • Learn together with peers, within a study group. 
  • Learn by doing: deliver exercises and receive feedback on weekly basis.

Build tools and processing models with QGIS! 

QGIS lets you use process models that concatenate different workflows together, and spare hugely time for you. After the course, you’ll know:

  • how to build small GIS-tools that will make your processes a lot easier and less manual.
  • how to chain processing workflows so that when you have to replicate a QGIS-workflow, you won't be needing to do all over again. 

 This is how you start to optimize by automatizing your workflows in QGIS.

You should take this course if you're a GIS expert with basic knowledge on the use of QGIS but would need to get your career path as well as your organization's productivity in QGIS processes to another level.

Course content

So, how will learning happen?

Active. This "active course" unfolds in three parts, every part corresponding a week of activities in the course. 

Coaching. You'll learn together with the coach; no know is left behind and you can always get direct help from the couch.

Pragmatic and results-driven. Students will deliver exercises (modeling files/images/other material) for the coach to be reviewed and commented.

What's included?

7 Videos
4 Quizzes
1 Survey
17 Multimedia
4 Texts
1 Download

We will take care of your learning process and you will master QGIS effectively, and what's best, you can study where and whenever you'd like to.

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Santtu Pyykkönen
Santtu Pyykkönen

About the instructor:

Hi everyone! I'm Santtu and I consider myself as a geospatial evangelist, always looking new ways to use geospatial data and make maps. I have been teaching the use of different geospatial technologies for years now. I'm very fond of teaching and geospatial education as a whole.