Intro to spatial databases (PostGIS)

Introduction to Spatial databases (PostGIS)

Do not bypass skills on spatial databases, databases will change the way you think about geospatial data

Good things come to those who wait - PostGIS-course coming soon!

It's time get to the bottom of spatial databases by learning the basic concepts from the database world as well as understanding the use of spatial databases. In this upcoming course, you will get to know spatial databases via using PostGIS, the spatial extension of the widely used database program PostgreSQL. 

You should take this course if you're a GIS expert with basic knowledge from the field but would need to get your career path as well as your organization's productivity in spatial matters to another level. Spatial databases are great for storing and analyzing geospatial data. Hope to see you in the course.

First, let's get you to the course waitlist. Enroll in the course from the upper button, and we'll let you know the moment the course is published. Now is also the time for contributing to the course design, so the PostGIS-themes you're interested might get on board as well!