Intro to geospatial servers (GeoServer)

Introduction to Geospatial Servers (GeoServer)

Geospatial web services enable you to share your data with your colleagues, partners and clients

Good things come to those who wait - GeoServer-course coming soon!

Geospatial data is the core element of your geospatial solutions. If you can't share it, it does not exist. GeoServer lets you share your data via standard-based protocols via the web to your customers and colleagues. In this upcoming course, you will get to know geospatial server infrastructures via using GeoServer, the server-side program of choice for modern geospatial data infrastructures. 

You should take this course if you're a GIS expert with basic knowledge from the field but would need to get your career path as well as your organization's productivity in spatial matters to another level. GeoServer is an excellent solution for you if you need to share your geospatial data for further use (colleagues, partners, and clients) and you need to do it on scalable server infrastructure. Hope to see you in the course.

First, let's get you to the course waitlist. Enroll in the course from the upper button, and we'll let you know the moment the course is published. Now it is also time for contributing to the course design with your ideas, so the GeoServer-themes you're interested in, might get on board as well!