Geographic Information and Geospatial Technologies

Introduction to Geographic Information and Geospatial Technologies

Learn the basics and start understanding the
potentiality in maps and geospatial solutions

What's the course about?

In this course you'll get to learn about spatial data formats, coordinate reference systems, different spatial data types, and sites to get some geospatial data.

To get your head around geospatial data, you'll explore some geospatial data on different platforms that doesn't requiere you to install anything on your own computer. This course includes lectures, exercises and interactives tests on geospatial theory. There's also the possibility for learners to converse with the instructors and have conversations on issues related to the training material. 

Actually, this is a course you should definitely go through before jumping into the use of any GIS software.  This is a self-paced course that can be studied in learner's own rhythm and intentsity. It takes aproximately from 2 to 4 hours to go it throuth. 

What course materials goes included?

1 Quiz
2 Surveys
3 Multimedia
19 Texts

Together with instructors from start to end

As part of the training you'll get support from the instructors in situations where you need to ask a question or when you have some other situation that makes you struggle while learning. The learners can also participate in conversations among themselves and the instructors.

Sanna Jokela
Sanna Jokela
GIS Consultant

About the instructor

Hi there! I'm a geospatial data specialist from Turku, Finland. I've worked for more than ten years with regional datasets and spatial data. From 2016 I've worked in Gispo as GIS Consultant. As my major I studied Geography and guess that's why I'm fond to a lot of different fields, from tourism to watershed protection. Nice to have you on my course!

Salla Multimäki
Salla Multimäki
GIS Consultant

About the instructor

Welcome to learn with me! My main expertise is geospatial data visualizations and analysis. In the past I've worked as lecturer in Aalto-University (Finland) and currently I'm studying an university-level Professional Teacher Education degree.