Intro to Open Source Geospatial Software tools

Introduction to Open Source Geospatial Software tools

Begin your journey to become an
open source geospatial expert

In this free crash-course we will dive into the potentiality and utilization of open source geospatial software tools. We will present how to get started with the principal open source geospatial software packages and cover some common GIS and geospatial activities. 

The open source geospatial stack powers major governmental and private sector geospatial systems and solutions. Nevertheless, the lack of knowledge on possibilities in relation to the open source geospatial software keep slackening the deployment of these software packages among the wider user communities cross sectors.  In this free crash-course we at GispoLearning want to fulfill the lack of the know-how and keep pushing forward the use of these revolutionizing software packages.

What's included?

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6 Texts
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Santtu Pyykkönen
Santtu Pyykkönen

About the instructor

Hi everyone! I'm Santtu and I consider myself as a geospatial evangelist, always looking new ways to use geospatial data and make maps. I have been teaching the use of different geospatial technologies for years now. I'm very fond of teaching and geospatial education as a whole.  

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